Friends and Enemies


Hello, my name is Deadpool. I come from a hard life of poverty and abuse. Before the experiment, I was a mercinary that worked for the goodguys to beat up the bad guys. I then found out a few months after quitting the job that I had very aggressive cancer. I had nowhere left to turn and met a mysterious man that said he had the ability to cure it. I left behind everything I had, not knowing what lied ahead. The agency experimented on me to mutate me into a "superhero" as I was told. They actually only wanted to make me a mutant that would have superhuman capabilities, then would sell me to the highest bidder as their pet. I didn't like this idea and used my newly acqired mutant skills to break out and explode the facility. Now I hunt down the man in charge of the organization in hopes of finding a cure for my horrible mutation. I was recieved the name Deadpool because I was voted on in the deadpool to die in the near future, however, because of my mutated, regenerating cells, I can basically never die.

  • I wearears a red suit.
  • Ias a corrupt past.
  • Was forced into a mutation, however, overcame cancer because of it.
  • He fights bad guys, but for the wrong reasons.
  • Deadpool is a man named Wade Wilson whose past has been corrupted by the people around him. He recently developed cancer and sought help from a dangerous mutant creating organization. His cancer was cured but at a cost. Now he seeks vengance on the people that mutated him into a hideous monster in an attempt to cure himself.

  • NTW
  • Colossus
  • Ability to regenerate damaged cells and form new cells.
  • Sweet kung fu abilities.